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Your privacy is important. This notice outlines how your information is used/collected when using this site.

Cookies and Similar Technologies: Cookies are small files which are placed onto your computer/device when you visit a website. At their very basic level, cookies help websites function correctly, keep them secure, and help to manage user sessions.

This site is hosted by Awardspace and uses cookies from Awardspace to deliver services and analyse traffic. Your IP address and user agent are shared with Awardspace, together with performance and security metrics to ensure quality of services, generate usage statistics, and to detect and address abuse. Awardspace are GDPR compliant. You may also find more information about their privacy, data and security practices, as well as their Data Processing Agreement here: Awardspace Privacy Policy.

This site is sometimes advertised across Microsoft products (for example: Bing, Yahoo, and other sites on which Microsoft ads are shown), and includes the Microsoft Advertising UET (Universal Event Tracking) code. This allows the ads which appear, to be ‘re-marketed’ (shown to people who have previously visited and/or interacted with this site). This allows ads to be shown more to people who have previously expressed an interest in this site’s content.

The UET code also allows for ‘Conversion Tracking’. This means that certain data relating to actions taken on the website, when it is visited as a result of clicking on a Microsoft ad, is collected and made available to me (for example, whether the visitor stayed on the website for x number of minutes, or has visited x number of pages). This allows the effectiveness of advertising campaigns to be better scrutinised and improved.

The UET code works in conjunction with cookies, which are placed onto the visitor’s device/browser when the visitor arrives at this site as a result of clicking on a Microsoft ad. Data collected includes non-personally identifiable information, in addition to the visitor’s IP address. This data is sent to, and stored on, Microsoft’s servers for a maximum of 180 days. For a full list of the information collected, please see Microsoft Advertising Universal Event Tracking (under the section ‘What data does UET collect…’).

Microsoft are GDPR compliant, and are signatories to the EU-US Privacy Shield and the a Swiss-US Privacy Shield. Please see the Microsoft Privacy Statement for more information.

Most modern browsers have controls that allow you to block, clear, enable or otherwise manage cookies. Please note that using these controls affects only the browser on which the options were set. In addition please be aware that blocking cookies via your browser will block them for all websites and may render a website (or parts of a website) unable to function correctly.

Personalised ads opt-out: You can opt-out of seeing personalised ads from Microsoft either on a specific device and browser, or across devices/browsers on which you are logged into your Microsoft Account, by visiting Microsoft Ad Settings . Please be aware that if you opt-out of personalised advertising, you will still see the same number of ads, but they may not be relevant to your interests.

Please note that the above will only opt you out of seeing personalised advertising served by Microsoft and it’s advertisers. To stop seeing personalised ads from other companies, please see here for the: United States, Europe or Canada. You may also visit the Network Advertising Initiative .

Direct Email: On initiating direct contact with me via the contact form, the information received by me (your first name, surname, email address, main message and IP address), shall be retained until your enquiry (if any) has been resolved, plus up to a maximum of 1 additional year (it may be retained for longer only if requested/agreed by you, or if longer retention is deemed necessary—for example, in the case of legal disputes or potential legal issues). You may contact me to request disclosure of the details of any emails I may hold, and deletion of those emails should they i) exist, and ii) not be linked to any ongoing issues, or potential issues for which continued retention may be deemed necessary. My email provider, is Awardspace. Awardspace are GDPR compliant. You can find more information in the Awardspace Privacy Statement.

Email Marketing*: Should you wish to sign up to my mailing list, you will be required to perform a ‘double opt-in’, (this means that you will be required to confirm your subscription, by clicking a link in the email received after signing up). Marketing emails will include a link to unsubscribe. You may receive material directly related to the product being reviewed on this site (Pianoforall), in addition to related products (whether those related products be course, software, ebooks, or other physical/digital products. I hope you find value in the emails you receive. *Please note, this section does not currently apply, I do not collect email addresses from visitors, but may do so in the future and details of any service(s) employed for the the purpose of email marketing lists will be disclosed here should I start collecting such information.

Under no circumstances shall I ever sell, or otherwise share your personal information (including your email address), to/with any third party without your specific instruction/permission unless required to do so by for example, law enforcement agencies or a court of law, or where otherwise outlined in this privacy notice.


By using this site, you agree to abide by the terms presented herein, and to the use of your information as per the above Privacy Note. This site is neither aimed at, nor is intended to be used by any persons under the age or 13 (or such greater minimum age required in your country). Any person viewing this site who is under the age of 13 (or such greater minimum age required in your country), should immediately cease and navigate away.

You understand that the views presented on this site are my own, and are provided for information purposes only. I do not guarantee any particular quality of results from your use of PIanoforall, or any other product featured on this website or marketed to you via other means (including without limitation, social media or email).

You understand that any products features on this website or marketed to you via other means (including without limitation, social media or email) are created and provided by the vendor of that product and not by myself, and that I am not liable for any issues which may arise from your use of said product.

You understand that the contents of this website including without limitation the text of any reviews, blog posts, or other posts/content are protected under US and international copyright laws and that no part of this content may be copied or used without my express written consent.

You understand that affiliate links are used on this site: The links, including clickable images, banner ads, buttons and text links present on this site and which take you to the The Pianoforall official site, and other products’ official sites, are affiliate links. This means that when you click on any of these, you will be taken to that product vendor’s official site, where you may make a purchase and, if such a purchase is made, I may receive a commission on that sale. Rest assured, you will never pay more than the current official price of any given product when purchasing via any of my affiliate links.

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